My Muse

My Muse

Friday, January 10, 2014


No paintings today but an update on what we are up to travel wise.  I found one of those internet things that have you fill out what type RV you may be looking at and low and behold I got a call from my new bud, Tony!! He is from Massachusetts originally and close to Boston so we have a similar accent. He can understand me!! hahaha.

Today I saw all kinds and all sorts of Rv and prices.  My head hurts! I know what we would like but what will the Universe send us!

My dream RV? It's a Tiffin Allegro Red with bunk beds. 38'. We would have the beds removed and that will be our office. It has tile floors so it would be an easy upkeep with the furkids.  A window over the sink so I can do dishes and look out. I would like a table and chairs but if it has a booth that's ok too.  I'm not fussy on the outside color but I'm hoping inside is light wood.  There are other technical things I hope for but it may be boring here.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to an RV show locally and walk in and out every Class A there. Oh my knees!!

Excited??? I can hardly wait!!!

So, until tomorrow...have a great night!!!!