My Muse

My Muse

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A New Day And A New Painting..From The Zoo

About two years ago we visited this zoo in SC and I took a cazillion photos of every animal there. One day in our class I brought in the photo reference of this guy but no one was really excited to do the painting. I thought it would be a great way to work on  dark areas with a great high lit subject.

So today I decided to paint it and see what the outcome would be. Ha!! Fun painting!  11" x 14" oil on canvas.  Framed..$475.00  Shipping included. Contact me!

The start of a new Zoo series ...this could be fun.

Update from yesterday, my friend's Lab came through surgery just fine and all looks good!!! I so needed good news today.  It started a little weepy, probably from overload, but hearing good news helped. a small trip to our favorite thrift shop helped too!!!

Have a great evening....I am taking a two day workshop this weekend so I'll do a show and tell come Sunday evening!!!

Warmly, Sheila

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Is So Fragile...But You Know That

Wednesday and I teach all day. I arrive at my studio about 8am to prepare my morning class and open the back classroom.  Have the remaining spot of coffee and maybe breakfast. The first student arrive at 9 am.
Today was a fun day of first doing a painting of a still life using yellows,oranges and reds. Shadows were to be painted using light blue.

One of the students ,also and artist, started to tell me about a mutual friend and artist who is now in the hospital possibly being diagnosed with lung cancer.  My other friend and studio mate has been dealing with her partner having a heart attach then being re-admitted  for pains.  
Then I had lunch and my afternoon class started. One of the students is a delightful older woman. 85.Sharp and creative. As she was leaving she told me she was ready to die. Her bones are brittle and she didn't feel she was needed. I gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. I need her.

Sophie going to the Bridge, another friends Lab has cancer, another having surgery in the morning. Is it the age I am at or are things changing faster.? Everything seems to be happening so quickly and so sudden I feel overwhelmed and realize that I have to stop putting off telling people I care about how I feel about them, though I always do. 

Hug more, put your arm in your friends arm more, smile, laugh, kiss your dogs nose more, the plans you are thinking about for vacation? Do it!! Life is as fantastic as you make you want it to be. 

Did I tell you that I appreciate you and think you are great!!!!?? You are to me.!!!

Warmly, Sheila 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Painting Across America in Progress Cows

This piece is still in progress. I started it as a demo in one of my acrylic classes and now completing it. This filed is near the wetlands in Viera. As we walked around I felt his eyes on me.  24" x 14" on masonite panel. Hopefully to be finished next week. My spirit Muse, Sophie, will be insisting!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Sophie October 30,1999 - September 11,2012
Hi everyone,

Today at about 3:15pm, my Muse and faithful companion, Sophie passed to the Bridge. She stopped eating last night and wouldn't take her pain pill this morning.  The mass was growing quickly.

My mother was incredibly strong. I never saw her cry but twice. Then she splashed flour on her eyes to take away the redness so no one knew. This past week I prayed to her to give me that strength so I could let Sophie go and she did. I have to say I was steel. Of course I told Roger not to talk to me about the inevitable and I wasn't answering phone calls so that helped. I was steel until I got to the vets.

Our vet gave Sophie a sedative but I told him I was the one who needed it. She laid down and put her head on my knee as I was sitting beside her. Roger had his hand on my shoulder. I took her face and kissed her nose and told her I loved her and a job well done. Her passing was peaceful.

I thought it would have been awful but her suffering with the cancer outweighed my pain of loss. I wanted to stay with her, I wanted to take her home...we left and hugged outside and sobbed. Then drove to the beach, got ice cream and sat on the wall watching the waves and feeling the loss of our beloved Girl.

Our hearts are heavy and tears are flowing...but she is pain free and running with our Fergus.

Thank you all for your support and I know Sophie is telling me to get back to work!!!


Saturday, September 8, 2012


Well this morning I had a student and we did drawing for an hour then painting in acrylic. I strongly believe if you can't SEE and draw what you see, you will have a tough time getting things onto canvas. What are the angles? The spacial relationship from one object to another?  After doing a drawing I pointed out light area in an eyeball and my student never saw it and was amazed that I did.  Good lesson.

Then I drove to our favorite RV dealer Larry and picked up some artwork I wanted for my studio. Roger and I go back and forth trying to decide, 34'? or 37". Not much difference you would think but in an RV 5th is. So Larry let me wander once more through both sizes.  This time though, after reading so many books on what to look for, I noticed the worn rug and comfy chairs making them now not so comfy. I thought "replacement" $$.  No island in the kitchen and the living room couch was across from the stove. Hmm.  The 37' RV also had some wear on the rug and chairs but had a nice kitchen design.  The bathroom was "downstairs" (they have stairs going up to the bedroom) and had a washer/dryer. Not bad.  Queen size bed in the slide out.

We found on line RV called Open Range. One, a 37' 5th wheel, has the bedroom in back and where the bedroom usually is was a walk up living room. Huge windows.  Ceiling fans an an optional patio. Ok guys....that;s the one we are letting the Universe know about.  Check out The Open Range 38'

Today's RV art offering is 12" x 6" Open Acrylic on stretched canvas,ready to hang and painted on all sides.

I can see this hanging on the wall in your kitchen or even the bedroom.  Even in your non RV home. :-)
Thanks for stopping by!!! Warmly, Sheila

                                                                       $100.00 Shipping Included

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Saturday! My alarm went off at 7 am and I hit the snooze button for it to go off 5 minutes later. Seriously? 5 minutes?? Oh well. Sophie needed her meds and her breakfast and I needed to get ready to go to my studio for a 9am class.
Shower and out the door to Dunkin Donuts for my iced coffee then I'm set. I finished a commission painting yesterday and was pleased and my three hour class went great.


I arrived home around 1 pm and Roger and I took off to yes, Dunkin for another iced coffee then to Viera to the wet lands. It was hot but a cool breeze kept us comfy, so we walked 2 miles around the area taking pictures of the different variety of birds. I, however, saw cows and a bull on the other side of the area and took some great photos of them.  Roger takes his photos in RAW (???) so he needs to help me switch them to jpg tomorrow so I can show them to you.  I'm excited since I can use them Monday night for my class in Viera for landscape images. After the wetlands we took a different road which takes you to a reservation where you can hike to the St John river basin and also a fantastic place for me to do plein air painting of Florida for my "Painting Across America" journey. A start!!! 

The day ended with Roger and I getting frozen yogurt then coming home to play with the Labs! GREAT DAY!!!