My Muse

My Muse

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Golden Open Acrylics on 12" square stretched canvas

I have finally returned to the studio after loosing my studio assistant, Fergus.  No paper towels went out the door today and no Lab hairs from a tail slapping the canvas got onto the painting. 
Sammy and Sophie are still grieving their loss of their dear pack member.

Today's painting is from a photo I took of Sammy and Fergus at the dog park. They were always together. Playing or sleeping.  They are Forever Friends!

Currently at the Brightwater Stduo and Gallery, Hendersonville, NC

Sheila M. Wedegis Palm Bay, Florida

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


September 22,2000 - September 6,2011 
  What can we say. Excelled in agility, mighty defender and protector.He frightened many people who came to our door.  A healer. No bruises or cuts went unlicked with great care. Once he learned to dive would be our Greg Louganis doing perfect into the pool.  My beloved studio assistant usually leaving covered with paint and my shadow outside the studio. Sophie's little boy and Sammy's best friend. Telepathic. Obeying Sophie's orders to tell me when she wanted her dinner.  When I was tired or sad he would lay his entire body along mine in bed to keep me safe. He loved our nightly game of keep a way in the pool but most of all he loved his best friend Roger as they walked nightly for 2 miles.  Fergus is Roger's Heart dog. 

   Fergus passed yesterday with us by his side as he has been beside us for these short years. The diagnosis was a brain tumor. He had  short remission as we did water exercises with him and brain stimulation by throwing the ball to him so he would catch it or chase it. Letting him figure out how to get out of the pool. One day we waited twenty minutes but he got it. Great cheers were heard!!

   We had expected a miracle and we got it. Maybe not how we wanted, but we got to spend every moment with him. He showed me how to be calm and patient even when my back was in pain from getting him in and out or up or down.  Once he shook himself I knew he was awake and he took off on his own.  He was able to run after Sammy or follow Sam out the door at night to use  the facilities.  Needless to say, Sammy is grieving.

   Brain tumors...silent till they are not but by then it's probably too late.  The first sign was a limp that suddenly went to weakness and a paralysis. Remissions and recurrences.   We chose to do Chinese Medicine rather than MRI's and surgery.    

   Before we went to the vets yesterday I did a print of Fergus paw on a canvas for Roger.  As we drove to the office the sun caught his paw it it was glowing. I used Pthalo blue to do the print and I thought I washed it all off forgetting it's one of the strongest staining colors I could have used.  They'll be no hide and seek games for Fergus on the other side of the Bridge. Sorry buddy, but I'll know when you are here for sure!!!

   We love and miss you good boy!!!