My Muse

My Muse

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The Great Labraventure

We have been invited by Carolyne Linda Poulton to come to the Scottish Highlands.  Recently I auctioned a painting to help their Lab Rescue. Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland.

A few years ago we did the Great Alaskan Adventure, painting,blogs, photos of our trip with people receiving fun stuff.  It was a great success.  This time we are offering two different packages with a percentage of the package you choose going to the Rescue.  When we arrive an American Gun Dog dinner will be done where we shall be the guests. Perfect timing.

So please check out our web site for the Labraventure and see what we are offering.  Thank you for helping to save a Lab today!!

Warmly, Sheila

Friday, February 18, 2011


"Just Like A Bubbler!"
I just started using Golden Open Acrylics.  After years of using oils then moving into a smaller space, the fumes start to take their toll. I find I can use them just like my  oil paints. It makes me very happy. I do have to wait at times for it to settle somewhat so I can continue to paint
This is a happy Lab. He noticed that sprinkler and needed to investigate. Perfect time to get a quick drink and a fun splash!

    Remember if you are a previous Collector, contact me before purchase so you get your discount!!!
             $525.00 shipping included.

                 Thanks for looking and supporting my art!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


So this is the one chosen to be in the show. I am getting an antique-y  colored gold plien air frame for it.  It should really make the yellows in the painting just glow.  So..keep your fingers crossed for me.

The Show starts in March and you can see the winners at  when they are announced.


This is "There You Are".  One of my favorite pieces, and one of my first in the exploration of the watercolor medium. I sent this image along with two other watercolor images of the Black Lab swimming and one oil of a chocolate wrapped up in a chair, to the jurors of The Art Show At the Dog Show in Kansas.

You never know what they will choose any given year, and this year they chose the oil of the chocolate Lab to be in the show.  Of course I am honored and thrilled!!! Some of the very best dog artists in the country enter.

So..I am now offering this framed 20" x 16" framed watercolor to go happily to someones home.  The image is 12" x 10".  It has acid free mats and backing with a clear plexi glass frame.

The price is 425.00 and for previous is 395.00.  S&H will be added.

So if you absolutely have to have this fantastic Lab searching for his tennis ball please contact me.
Thanks for looking at my Labs!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


                                                      "Lazin' On A Sunny Afternoon"

So yesterday was such a crazy day for me I decided to do something totally different today.  These are the sheep the Yellow Lab was guarding in my other watercolor. Scroll down to see that one. I loved the composition of this piece.

The painting is watercolor on 300lb Arches paper.  image size is 8" x 4.5" and will come to the lucky person matted and backed with acid free material.

$185.00 plus S&H  I will be shipping this by FedEx.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have You Seen This Painting

 Someone decided, between Palm Bay, Florida,U.S.A. and Shropshere,U.K. ,that they needed this painting more.  It was taken from a heavy tube, covered with duct tape.  The tube was re-wrapped and delivered empty.
Was it someone on the US side? The Uk side?  I do not know.
The painting is signed so it can be Googled.  If someone does this they will find me here. 

I could only imagine someone thinking, Monet, Cezanne, to open and see a huge Chocolate Lab face staring at them.  That made me chuckle, but then, did someone throw it away? 

If you are someone, please send it back anonymously.  Painting is my life and painting Labs is my soul.

 1848 Ardmore Street NE
Palm Bay, Florida 32907

No questions asked.