My Muse

My Muse

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Did I Ever Mention I Love To Doodle?

SOLD...more in the making
I went to Michaels yesterday to pick up a broad brush for working larger paintings and of course you have to wander around and look at all the "stuff" . Stuff to do books with, cook with, make beads and...bags! I LOVE bags. So there hanging on the wall were three canvas bags. I picked up two! Hmm..what will I do with these? Oh Look....Fabric markers...two packages I put in the cart with my two bags and one brush. Today after picking up the bag and putting it back down a bunch of times I thought...why not make a Doodle Lab Bag!!! And so it was made. For the first Doodle Lab Bag I was excited at the whole concept. The size is 12 3/4" x 12" x 7 1/4" . Front and back have doodles and I'm thinking of doodling also on the sides.
If you are interested in having your very own Doodle Lab carry all...I will be taking orders. Basset hound Doodle Carryall?? Can do that too.
To get this one :
Doodle Lab Carry-All Heavy duty canvas This one sold..order yours now.

Black Lab With His BFF..I'm Baaaack!!!

Wow it's been a long November. Roger's emergency heart issues, my running back and forth to the Drs and hospital, and my total in ability to paint something of substance. I'm back. I worked slow and deliberate and had a blast!! This Lab painting is oil on Archival RayMar canvas board. Im so pleased how this turned out, and yes it is my Sammy, with his "best friend forever"!!
You'll find this piece on Etsy today! It's 6" x 6" and just a lovely painting.
Til tommorrow!!! Sheila

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tropical Work..Well Who Knew?

There I was painting scenes from my trips to the Islands, loving and reliving every moment. The all of sudden Labs enetered my life. I did outdoor shows then and heard, "She does dogs and Caribbean scenes??????" The expression on the faces told the story. LOL. I have as some know, put Labs in the Caribbean.
Today I recieved my copy of Art Business News and a friend of mine had her tropical turle painting in it as an example. I am thrilled for her. Her work is bright, colorful and fun.

The article was.."Tropical Art..A Consistant Seller in the Art World." After doing a little dance...I REALLY love painting the tropics..I decided to put this piece on today. Oh yes, I really LOVE painting Labs so that continues but you will also be seeing Caribbean Art too. Let me know what you think..put a Lab in every so often???
This oil is available as a Giclee now. 24" x 24" on Gallerywrap Canvas. $270.00 enhanced with paint and signed. Limited Edition of 50.

Monday, November 16, 2009

#1 of My New Series "Summer Lab"

Put this on for my newsletter readers to see. If you are interested in finding out more please email me at
Thanks, Sheila

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dancing Like Tina Turner...

It's a little after noon here. Roger got me a small cd player with speakers before he went for his stents so I'd have some louder music in the studio. The speaker I had whispered. It's wonderful having music and I've been getting out my old CD's and putting them on. Try listening to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" and not trying to lean like he did in the music video. Yes my two kids were teens then and it was the time we connected so I watched all the MTV videos with them.
Then I just had Tina Turner on. Try not to jiggle and move like she does when you hear her. Throw your hands in the air and really move..however..even though 62 is the new 42, be sure you've been excersizing all along and not just getting back into it. I felt the the pain in my lower back..LOL..3 Advils down and hopefully it stops so I can get back to painting.
Check back later to see if I post new work or Im laying on a slab icing my muscles.
Sigh, I better find Beethoven for this afternoon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Back..We're Home!!! New Holiday Idea

Thank you our dear friend Ray for doing the daily update on Roger. We really appreciated it. I'm slowly getting back to speed and gradually giving up my nursing duties. Bless Nurses, a tough job. I was going really strong last week but this week I find myself growling a bit. Roger can"t lift anything that weighs more than a gallon of milk. That means cleaning the filter for the pool, buying the 5 gallon chlorine jugs, grocery bags, or even pushing the grocery cart. He tires easily so it's can you get me water? Would you get me this or that? Shame on could have been worse and I'd be missing the lugging and the waiting on, I am grateful he's home and fine...just hug a Nurse when you see her..they do alot!!!!

Ok..thinking Holidays and I'm starting to work on a Zazzle store!! Here's the first offering for the holidays.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Friday Roger still in Hospital Prayers needed

Ray here posting for Sheila.

Roger came home today after having two stints placed in his arteries on Tuesday. At first all was good, then all of a sudden he started getting very cold and sweaty.

Sheila quickly took him back to the ER where they are doing a EKG right now (5:30 EST). His blood preasure was fine but his heart rate is all over the place.

Sheila asks for Prayers. She has given so much to so many that please say some extra special prayers for our Roger.

Thursday Morning update:
Team, spoke with Sheila late last night. Roger is being kept in the Hospital over night. Signs point to some type of infection, though we will know more when a good doctor sees him on Thursday. Sheila was not impressed with the ER doctor in the least bit.

Thursday evening update:
Team, Spoke with Sheila at around 7pm EST Thursday. Roger had what is essentially an infection, so he is spending one more night at the Hospital just to be safe. But heart rate was good and blood pressure was fine. Sheila is understandably exhausted.

Friday 1:pm EST
Just got call from Sheila. They are still trying to figure out what the infection is. He is feeling better, but the little bugger won't break. They are in Radiology taking pictures to see if they can better isolate it. Sheila was on her way to get Coffee, I talked her into juice and a bran muffing ;)

As I hear from her I'll be updating this page.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Story of the Flying Painting

Well if you have been on my web site you know I have this as SOLD but offer Giclee's. It's Comfortable Love. The center painting for alot of my shows.
About a year ago maybe I did an outdoor dog show where other vendors/artists were showing their work. Friends that I went with were also showing in this event.
The day was so slow it was almost unbearable but we smiled and had fun amoung ourselves. Then the wind came. Out of no where, ah Florida, it hit the 40 x40 painting and the whole display started to fall. My friends say I went into slow motion leaping for the painting, I tripped over something and now was airborne. Comfortable Love and me!! The canvas hit the corner of my painting box and put a "T" shapped cut in the canvas, I landed on top of the whole display with knees and arms scrapped... Needless to say we packed up the truck and headed home, only to find I had Red oil paint on my hand and it got on my firends seats. (He did get it off) They also re-enacted the slow-mo event quite often after that since they never saw anyone and a huge painting in air before!! LOL.
I couldn't even look at the painting til a few days ago. My husband Roger has found he has serious heart damage plus blockage and will be having stints put in. I know he will be fine but if by any chance he has to leave his job I'm the breadwinner. I'm trained in Art so I need to be more business like. (Oh no I have to get organized..LOL..a Pisces with ADHD..LOL..)
I'm listing this piece, 40 " X 40" for $1200.00 or best offer on Ebay. If you are intersted in this painting please email me or search for sophie316 on ebay. It is oil on Gallerywrap and offered way below the original price. I will concider any offer. Free shipping for anything over $600.00.
Thank you...and Prayers will be accepted also. Warmly, Sheila