My Muse

My Muse

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Best Blurb Book

Very excited, The winner gets 3000.00..oh I see my scooter appearing....freedom. Vote for me, send me your info and WHEN I win you all will get a free 6" x 6" oil portrait of your pet.!!! Now thats a deal. Vote daily. Than you! Sheila PS, for Chocolate Lab lovers that book is also entered!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ray and Mr. Shaq

This is our dear friend Ray and his beloved Shaq. Mr. Shaq as we refered to him. He was a regular visitor and Sophie's boyfriend, and she doesn't take to male Labs. Her eyes sparkled when he came through the door. The largest, tallest Lab I ever met, gentle, sweet, a champion field trial dog and now 16 years old. Shaq went to the Rainbow Brige this morning.
Shaq was the subject of many of my Lab paintings. His face was beautiful. I'm attaching Ray's Obituary that he posted on HotLab Rescue awhile ago. He will be in our hearts also. Our sweet Shaq.

Shaq Obituary

Dear Friends of Shaq,

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Shaq, my best friend over the last 16 years, has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He joins my beloved Shasta, Zoe and Nanda waiting for me to join them.

Over the past few days Shaq had trouble lying down and it was clearly painful for him to get down. He had more trouble with his balance and would run into things. Rather then prolong the agony I decided to do what I hope others will do for me one day and help him over the rainbow bridge.

Shaq was born in Montana, He lived an amazing life having been a champion field trial and big air dog. He traveled everywhere with me, including each time I went home to Montana. He loved going to Montana, when we would go over Bozeman Pass he would perk up and get excited. He also loved visiting the cabin in Polaris. Here is a link to his stories.

I have known that this day was coming. I had hoped that he could last until after the upcoming Heart of Texas Lab Rescue Fundraiser at The Fairmount Hotel on Nov 7th and make an appearance. But it was not to be. So many were looking forward to seeing him.

I have many wonderful paintings and pictures of my dear Shaq to remember him by. He will live forever in my heart. I will always remember the days he and Shasta would spend swimming at Red Bud Isle.

If you could make a donation to Heart of Texas Lab Rescue in his name he would appreciate it.

Goodbye Dear Friend

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Twitter Dog #12 Go Magic!!!!

Yes..a Florida dog!!! Ready for the game! Go Magic!
This oil painting is on Archival RayMar canvas board and is 6" x 6" Working with a white dog is exciting since there are so many colors to work with. Straight white from the tube was a highlight here and there. A great excersize!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Chocolate Lab Book

You just have to see "Chocolate Labs" the book of my Chocolate Lab art. I'm so excited about it and Blurb even lets you see the whole book! Please peek at it. It would make a lovely gift for the Chocolate Lab love in your life.
Thanks, Sheila ahhhhh, marketing

Lazy Pool Dog

Sammy Sam!! He lies by the side of the pool relaxing..waiting so patiently for someone to say B-A-L-L!! Actually, he knows how to spell!! I'm thinking of doing a much larger painting of this. There was a lot of interesting colors and shadows. I haven't painted large in awhile so I feel it's time.
I'm also excited my husband is revamping my Lab website. I'll let you know when it's finished.

Tahnks for stopping by. Sheila
This painting is an 8" x 6" oil on Archival RayMar canvas panel.


Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have to say I was very pleased how this came out. I'd like to do more landscape work with of course, Labs, in them. I found a great book on Amazon that gives me color and design, tree renderings, so on and so forth. My goal is to get a red Vespa, put my painting box on it and off I go to paint on location.
Read about Chance on my blog.
Thanks for your support, without it I couldn't keep doing what I love!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

TwitterDog #11

I loved doing this painting. I know this Lab is waiting for a great ride. Even practicing the head hanging out move. Perfect!!
. This Lab art painting is oil on gessoed masointe. 20" x 8"
Thanks for you support!! Sheila
$350.00 remember I do visa, M/C/Amex and payment plans

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Twitter Dog (Pups) #10


This oil painting is on 8" x 6" RayMar canvas panel. Cant you just smell the puppy nreath? .

$140.00 plus S&H Thanks for supporting a full time working artist. We appreciate you all.! Sheila

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Natural Habitat

Total natural habitat. A body of water and a tennis ball?? What could be better.!
Yes the model for this is my Sophie. She had been loosing weight rapidly, her enzymes were off the roof and her thyroid levels almost non-existent. I asked for prayers, thoughts from every list, Twitter, Facebook you name it. The Power of Intent! God figured Sophie had more things to teach me and she is now impy, playful and healthy. The Vet thinks it was the Prednisone she was on for a flea allergy. Oil on Archival RayMar Canvas Panel. 8" x 6"
$145.00 Thanks for looking! sheila