My Muse

My Muse

Saturday, July 25, 2009

" Just moved here from Tennessee.. and oh wait Loves Oatmeal Cookies"

To them it's like reading a newspaper. We bring the Labs to the park when it's cooler out and when a new dog comes in they so need to find out everything about him. So, that explains the longest title for a painting ever.

I have to say I loved painting the white dog. So many other colors are in white and it just makes the color sparkle.

I'm home from vacation and rested and ready to go. Be sure and come back and thank you. Sheila

This painting is Gamblin Oils on a 7" x 5" RayMar archival canvas board. $125.00

Saturday, July 18, 2009

On Vacation and No Internet

Oh my goodness. Today I actually was able to access the internet. We left this past Tuesday to travel north to SC to visit my hubby's cousin's in Myrtle Beach then to come to Charleston to his Navy Sub Reunion. It's also like visiting family but we stay up way too late and laugh the whole time.
Taking photos for reference, (not of the sailors) but landscapes and our visit to the Zoo. Very fun. I have missed posting and I am especially missing our three Labs at home. You can't imagine how many times I have saved crusts from sandwiches to give to them. One more night of laughing and frivolity then we head back home tommorrow.
I am so ready to paint and play with the kids, curl my legs up in bed so Sammy and Fergus can share the space then lean over in the middle of the night to stroke Sophie's head and listen to her snore.
Monday I'll have new work up for you to see. I fell in love with small cows from India at the zoo so that may be my first piece. So see you all Monday! Sheila

Friday, July 10, 2009

Quick Story of Kindness

I just took Sophie with me for a walk to the bank. We haven't walked for awhile so I thought..a mile up a mile back. Not bad. Oh silly me. At first she was bouncing right along, in times ahead of me, smelling all the smells, seeing all the sites. We go over a canal and she stopped to look down at the waterway. Arrived at the bank and was excited to see someone we knew so that was fun for her. Now to walk home.

I forgot to bring my cell phone so to call my neighbor to say come rescue us was out. It seemed the day became hotter and Sophie slowed to a crawl. On the way home we do pass a rehab place and Sophie started to pull me in that direction. The poor girl, I even left water at home. A quick trip I thought. Two workers climbing down to work on the underground wires were there and I asked if they had any water for Soph. He not only got some water, he poured probably two glass fulls from their canteen onto her head to cool her down. I was so touched by their kindness to a dog. Good men!!!

We crawled home walking on everyones lawn so her feet wouldn't burn. It was all about Sophie at this point. If I could have carried her I would have and at one point I we go. She stood in the pool getting wet when we got here with me spraying her with a hose. She HATES being sprayed but then she turned so I could get the other side of her.

Soph's on the couch now soaking wet. It's microfiber and it will dry. It's all about her for the rest of the day, month, year..LOL..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spirit Of The Lab Painting

Painting the Spirit of the Lab is one of my favorite ways of expressing the breed. The way they interact with each other, sometimes just being a blur. "Was that a squirrel?? Did you see it?? Did you?"
6" square oil on canvas panel


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mountain View

I painted this today thinking how nice it would to be with them. We were in the middle of pouring rain, massive thunder and lightning that would come out of no where and scare me. LOL.

I love painting what I call "The Spirit of the Lab" art and I would say this captures that wonderful spirit.

While I'm here I'll tell you if you sign up for our newsletter, (you didn't think the Labs would just let me chat did you??) I will be having "Not on the Blog" art. Once a week I will put on one or two pieces that you can grab for your very own. The piece will come with a free box of cards of the painting so it's really a fun deal. You'll get to read silly stories of the three Labs along with the "everything I tried to cure Sammy of his OCD" tips along with his seperation anxiety. Also included, my email so you can give me your tips.

Thanks for looking. This painting is on Archival RayMar canvas board.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Sammy, Nose Surgeon

Just a quick morning story. Sammy our youngest has defineite quirks. He takes pots and pans from the stove, the sink and brings them to his bed.
He then collects forks, knives and spoons to add to this collection. Let me add, cast iron pans are no problem for this boy. He is a determined chef.
A few weeks ago he started a new "hobby" . Nose reconstruction. He and Sophie were in front of me and I know he told her to reconstruct my nose as she laughed and her tooth went into me. Two days of headaches accompanied that. "Not good enough" Sam said.
Yesterday I actualy got to float in our pool. I threw the ball for awhile first so the kids could play then went about my resting. What I didn't realize that there was a tennis ball floating along with me, to my left, like a shark.
It happened quickly. I heard toenails on the pool edge. If it had been Fergus he would have pushed, arched and made a 10 landing on the other side of me. As you see above, Sammy flings himself into the pool and somewhere between the launch and the splashdown his "knee" met my nose and we both landed in the water.
I was groaning and muttering "oh no not again" as Roger slept and floated by me. (That's a totally different story) LOL.
I recovered and forgot about it til later I could not get rid of the horrid headache behind my eyes. I thought I needed coffee so I had two cups and yes I was awake til two am..then remembered the impact when I looked into the mirror and saw the swelling.
I know I was never meant to look like Christie Brinkley but now I'm wondering do I have the largest nose in the world that Labs can't get around? If I walk out back will a frog land on it? Will I have to Limbo past the orange tree? Or maybe my association and feeling like a Lab, a.k.a LabraSheila...I'll be looking for the black tip to start showing soon.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Box O' Month Club Labrador Retriever Cards

This is a fun way for you to have Lab cards made from my images every month for 1 yearright to your door. Send them, frame them, anything you would like to do. As you know I paint daily working on my Rescue Lab images. You can get these an other images each month. Proceeds from the sale of the Box o' Month Lab Cards. This at the price I sell individual boxes would cost you $240.00.
Check out this deal!! Thanks forlooking. Sheila

Friday, July 3, 2009

Virtual pARTy

Linda Shantz and Kim Santini host a Virtual pARTy. . The reference photo was taken by Kim Santini and this is my interpretation of the image. A lot of fun.

This was painted in oil on 7" x 5" Archival RayMar canvas board. Thanks for looking. Sheila

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Red Ball

Today was an exciting day. I painted commissions and made calls I had been putting off. A positive day!!

I painted this piece before but absolutely loved the action in the water. Painting swimming Labs never gets old and it never gets old for them either. Especially when a ball is in play.

This painting is in oil on RayMar medium cotton wood panel. 7" x 5" easy to frame or place on a mantle.

If you would like this piece framed in a 3" wide black Plein air frame the price would be an extra $30.00 email me at It would make a lovely gift for someone who has a Lab!