My Muse

My Muse

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Found A New Freedom

This is our 8 year old Chocolate Lab Fergus. For his 8 years and 4 months, he has used the stairs to get into the pool and swim after the ball. Sammy, our 4 year old Black Lab jumps in like a mad man getting the ball first.

I guess Fergus just had enough of it and finally teetered on the edge. We yelled "Jump Fergus Jump!!!" He did and from that day on til now he has become a Lab with OCD of the pool. He flings himself in , picks up not one ball but two and comes in, drops it at our feet or on my lap and runs to position.

I had a couple of 7" x 3 1/2" gessoed masonite boards so I had to paint him in action. The other board of course will have him showing :splash down"

No slowing down for these Labbies.!! Thanks for stopping by chat tommorrow Sheila

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another New Blog For a Rescue

Of course I chose the longest name to go on the blog. I so need to change it but please visit (What was I thinking) . There are so many dogs that need homes and a friend I am working on a childrens book with told me about her rescue group.

I have to say I loved painting this dog today. A Red Tic Coon Hound. So, if you have pets and would like a commission done of your furbaby please contact me and I can send you my prices. Holidays aren't that far away.

Thanks, Sheila

Friday, May 22, 2009


Another face I fell in love with. If I lived on a ranch I think I'd have many, many Labs. Arnold is 10 and is a rescue from Labradors and Friends in San Diego. Please hop over to to read about him. I give a percentage of the proceeds from these sales to the Rescues the Labs are from.

As you know we live with three Labs and they are so smart, so communicative, so "impish" LOL...I can't imagine not trying to help them all.

As a matter of fact to give you an example of the communication skills my Sophie just shut herself in the bathroom. When I come here to the computer, with a glass of wine, (Key image to her) it means my day is over, she checks her watch and knows it's time to eat. She gives a short woof. Another woof and I say, "Hang on" When the woofs die off I then hear the door shut and now she barks. Yes she has me trained to get up mumbling as I open the door and say.."ahhhhh. SOPHIE" . She is now on the couch awating my arrival. Fergus is laying patiently beside me and Sammy..sigh, he is laying on the clean clothes on the bed that haven't been put away as yet. They will go back to the laundry to come back to the bed to go back....

ok..have a safe holiday weekend, Ill be back tommorrow so see you then!! Sheila

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Boy and His Dog..a Lab and His Ball

7" x 5" oil on fine artist canvas panel. To read my challenge with this piece go to

I am so pleased at it's outcome.

I accept and love commission work. All pets. Email me and we can discuss how you would love to see your best friend captured in oil.

Thanks, sheila

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I just finished posting and left the office to get a nice glass of wine to celebrate a great day. Had to take a photo of this because this is what happens here. This is Fergus. Our Chocolate sweetheart. The second photo..this is Fergus after going into the studio and hopefully just rubbing on the palette. EGADS!!!!

Sheila Be Organized

Well this is one of the 10 that just needed minor fixing. Moved all my work to higher ground and started to redo a few of the "really can't send it looking like that" pieces. I really fussy about what leaves the studio.

It's been raining steady here. I guess we have a tropical storm going over. The pool is totally full, the Labs will be thrilled to empty it as soon as it tops raining. They are fussy kids. Hate to get rained on.

A good days work. Thanks for stopping by. If there's anything you would like to see please email.

Monday, May 18, 2009

An Artist Living With Three Labs and A CAT

A few months ago I had finished a painting for a client and Sammy, our youngest Lab chased Blue our Siamese Blue cat into the studio. Full steam ahead taking a corner and putting his foot into the canvas. There's no use screaming.. so it's usually a huge sigh and a "oh for Pete's sake" . I put the paintings then out back and occasionally I'll go look and see small tracks. The lizards. I can fix that easy. to the cat story. Never ever go to the beach with out checking if your devilish Blue is hiding in your studio. He loves to play and he did. Three paintings above are from a series of 10 for a client. I;m shipping this week and thanks to Blue working late to paint out the orange foot prints on the Lab faces. This time there was no sigh and no talking about Pete..use your imagination.!! LOL...
It's all part of the process. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not A Lab In This "Morgan"

I started this ages ago and I have found my days, Lab after Lab. Not a bad thing, I love it but today I needed to finish this.

Morgan is my granddaughter. 18 and a budding artist/photographer/writer. I'm having a little trouble with the mouth area..I laugh becuase all I need to do is look in the mirror and I have it. People have said that my daughter Erin, Morgan and I look like peas in a pod. I do, however, win in the wrinkles department.

Hmmm, a Lab peeking around the corner would work. :-)

Commission work?? Email me at we'll chat. Thanks, sheila

Monday, May 11, 2009


My Labscapes are done faster, sometimes finished in an hour. I have to say since I've been painting Labs now for three years I can do them in my sleep so I draw with my brush and turps, a little color and then have fun.

My Chocolate Labs have pinks and purples, sometimes finding orange tints. From swiming in the pool, my Chocolate Fergus has blonde streaks. His eyes go from amber to a lite green/yellow.

This one is 18 x 24 oil on stretched canvas and you will find it on

I had a fantastic mother's day. Aquatica at Sea World Orlando is great. So clean, the water just perfect temperature. Not too crowded this time of year. I AM EXHAUSTED!!! LOL.. They have a river and you wear a life vest and get swooshed along around and around. It was great. But Hey!! you get tired having fun! I definetly Lived ife Like A lab!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today my son Jamie and his family, my husband and I are spending the day at Sea World's Aquatica!!! Splashing, sliding, sunning. It's beautiful here in Florida today so it will be a totally fun day. No Labs, but fun anyway.

It's also Sammy's 4 th birthday. he can spend the day here relxing and when we come home tonight party in the pool with a new tennis ball!!

My friend across the street will come over during the day and let the kids out so all is well. Have a great day everyone and remember to live life Like a Lab!!!

See you tommorrow, Sheila

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finished Commission

Getting this ready to ship to the client. The challenge with this piece was two different photos, two different poses. now get them onto one canvas and make them look like they posed. I think the client wil be pleased. 9" x 12" oil on canvas .
If you are interested in having your pets portrait painted email me at Thanks, Chat later. Sheila

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Lawn, The Pool and Benedryl

This is a portrait commission I just finished for a client. On Etsy they have something called Alchemy and the person can ask if you would do a portrait for a specific amount and I thought...hmm fun. This is Pax, The Greying Goddess. The client LOVES it.

So today I had a car so I got gas for the lawn mower. The back yard was looking alittle scary and when Sophie won't go in it you's time. Fergus follows the mower and I like a "super" and Sammy barks near hysteria because he knows I go in the pool after.

This morning, Roger dumped 3 gallons of chlorine in the pool. I was hot and the kids wanted to play. We play keep away with the Labs and they love it. Leaping in, swimming back and forth . Even Sophie comes in for this game. My eyes started to burn..duh..then Fergus started to sneeze non stop. Then Sammy started. Sophie, who never puts her head in the water came over with her big grin almost laughing at the sneezes.

Black noses you don't see the redness but poor chocolate Fergus nose was raw. Hosed them off with clear water feeling the guilt and called the vet, 50mg of benedryl should do the trick. Fergus is beside me now curled up as I write this..heading for the couch so he can cuddle.